Anna Maskin

Artist Statement:

Step into the enchanting world of Anna Maskin, a prodigious 7-year-old artist whose debut art exhibit promises to captivate hearts and minds alike.

With a heart as pure as her creative spirit, Anna possesses an extraordinary ability to find beauty in every corner of existence. Her unique perspective unveils a universe where even the mundane is transformed into a masterpiece. Inspired by the intricate tapestry of nature’s wonders, Anna’s artwork reflects a harmonious blend of innocence and ingenuity, inviting viewers to explore the world through her eyes. Despite her tender age, Anna’s intuitive connection with art is undeniable; she has an uncanny knack for deciphering the profound meanings behind complex pieces, transcending conventional comprehension. As you immerse yourself in Anna Maskin’s artistic revelation, prepare to witness the world through the eyes of a blossoming genius, a soul whose brilliance illuminates the boundless beauty that surrounds us all.

-Khrystsina Tryboi (Anna’s Mother)

Curator Statement:

A Bird’s Eye View: The art of Anna Maskin

Encountering the work of young artist Anna Maskin recently has inspired me to reflect on the history of representation and how we all use storytelling to depict our own realities – blurring the lines between the lives we live and the lives we dream. In several of the works in Anna’s exhibition a bird emerges- sometimes with other birds accompanying her. She is a purple bird in a shade that introduces Anna’s palate. The colors remind me of spring, flowers blooming, and beautiful things coming to life.

The bird is maybe an avatar for Anna herself – traveling through the world she has created and working her magic. It is a world inhabited with fantastical creatures including mermaids, seahorses, eels, jellyfish, stingrays, dolphins, sea turtles and a pair of dinosaurs. A character appears that somehow reminds me of the ill-tempered Burgermeister from the animated holiday special, The Year without Santa Claus, from my own childhood. He makes turbulent waves, which causes a ship to be marooned on an island with a castle and a farm.The purple bird and her other bird companions oversee the adventure which takes us inside the habitats encountering beautiful still lives- vases, fruits, and flowers- and also a cat.

A magical bridge appears which takes us to the other side of the world where we meet a mother – skiing on the slopes wearing brightly colored socks. Elsewhere ninjas are battling – bringing orders out of chaos. The marks from their swords become circles. The circles can magically transform into slices of fruit and finally into a bright flower which illuminates the night.

-Keith Edmier