Annelise Munoz

I’m Annelise, a Junior in High School and 16 years old. I was born in and live in New York City. I have also lived in Florida and The Bahamas. I’ve been creating art since I was 5 and have always loved experimenting with different mediums. I’m excited to finally share my art with others.

Curator Statement:

The Brick is proud to announce a new exhibition of drawings by Annelise Munoz. The exhibition features a collection of drawings that showcase not the artists’ skill of capturing the mystery of the human form but the desire to wrestle the line into complex arrangements.

Annelise has been drawing the human figure for the past year and has developed a unique style that combines realism with a touch of abstraction. While the human figures and Greco-Roman sculptures are recognizable – look closely, and you will find that perhaps her interests are piqued by a more conceptual exploration of the line and light. While the figures project seriousness and quiet contemplation—they also sparkle with elements of playfulness. Shadows and light become abstract elements down the spine of one seated pose. In another drawing, sharp lines interrupt supple body parts—on the elbow, breast, and arm creating a disruption of an ancient artifact set in stone into something else.

The figures mostly look away from the viewer, have their backs turned, or we don’t see their faces. The absence of facial expressions or an environment to ground the figures further pushes these drawings toward an element of abstraction that uses the representation of the human figure to depict introspection and ethereal space.

The exhibit will feature various works, including charcoal and graphite drawings, all of which highlight the artist’s ability to capture the beauty and complexity of the human body, light, and shadows.

-Manuela Mozo, Deputy Director, Artadia