Delusional Transparency by Grace Maldonado

My name is Grace Maldonado, I’m 17 years old, my nationality is Hondurean, and I was born and raised in Long Island. Raised by my single mother and my older sister, these two women have been my inspiration and support that has shaped me into becoming the artist I am today. A year ago I joined photography in eleventh grade with Mr. Boris, one of the most caring and supportive art teachers out there. I felt lost and helpless, seeking a path as I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future. I noticed that I loved creating different types of realms through my camera, experimenting with any material available to me. Moss, grass, leaves, flowers, nails, gel icing, string and more. Through this experimentation I found my passion and love for the arts, and as I grow I plan to keep experimenting and creating things that make the viewer wonder. I will become known for my art and I plan to work towards that goal everyday. The art I have created in this series is fueled by my pain and hurt throughout the last year. Each piece was created through countless hours of work and love to create, I hope you enjoy.

Strung Up

Haze for Breakfast

In Depth



Nailed Shut

Involuntary Smile

The Darkness of The Third Eye




All Eyes On You

In The Grasslands

Wrapped In Thought

Bite of Life


What Are You Hiding