Kimani Blake

is a 12-year-old girl who was born in Brookyln, New York, but I moved to Las Vegas when she was about 7 years old. Kimani enjoyed creating art for as long as she can remember and it’s probably partially from her parents, they are both creative people. Her mom is a dancer and she’s currently training to be a hand balancer as well. Her dad is a software analyst and does DJ’ing and photography on the side. He also enjoys sketching and painting from time to time. Kimani has a love for fine arts and performing arts. Because she enjoys drawing, she put a lot of work into these pieces which is why she hopes you enjoy this contribution to her series: Universal Diversity.

Curator Statement:

The digital artworks included in this exhibition represent a small fraction of the multiple types of media Kimani relishes in exploring.  Her passion for creating was evident to me immediately when we first met, and her unabashed drive to share her works with family and friends is infectious.    

The series “name of exhibition” is an exploration of contemporary culture and social media. Kimani intentionally removes the meme qualities of the source material and transforms her images into a personal exploration of the worlds she creates and the multiple cities she calls home. 

When I asked Kimani to describe her portraits of creatures and women, she singled out a specific work, “name of mermaid piece”, and described it as “elegant, alluring, and dangerous”.  Each of these adjectives are clearly present.  Artists call this concept economy of means: the ability to express often complicated content and feelings in an artwork without overworking the composition.  This skill is something many artists aim for throughout their career, and at age 12, Kimani has exquisitely achieved it in each of these works. 

It is my great pleasure to help curate this exhibition and to have the opportunity to work with Kimani.   

-Jason Bailer Losh